Pastoral hispana





 PARISH HALL  "Fr. Juan Alonso"
Chiul - Guatemala






Most Reverend Bishop Mario Alberto Molina and Rev. Jacinto Pelicó(Pastor),are grateful to the Diocese of Venice in Florida, U.S.A. and Fr. Víctor Caviedes in thanksgiving for the generosity in the inauguration of the Parish Hall and Rectory of the Center “Cruz de Mayo” of the Catholic Church in Chiul and which will serve the following communities: San Antonio,Batzulá,Chiul-Centro,Media Luna and Xequiquel. Guatemala, Chiul, September 25th, 2010

Bishop of the Diocese of Quiche Monsignor Mario Alberto Molina, Fr. Jacinto Pelicó and the catholic community were grateful in a religious ceremony to the Diocese of Venice and to the Fr. Victor Caviedes for the generous construction of the lounge and the parochial center "Cruz de Mayo". Gratitude that remained written in a commemorative plaque in the Church.



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